How to Lock Pen Drive without Any Third Party Software

How to lock pen drive using Bit locker?

This is however very easy and not yet much time consuming to set up everything. Just plug-in your pend drive and right click on that to select Turn on BitLocker.

lock pen drive using Bitlocker

Within a few couple of seconds, you will get a window that will ask for password. Just enter a password and go forward.

lock pen drive using Bitlocker

If you have chosen a really long and unmemorable password, you can save one recovery file (.txt file that will contain your password) on your hard disk.

lock pen drive using Bitlocker

Do remember the following things before encrypting your pen drive;
  1. You must have to remember your password to unlock your pen drive
  2. Do not unplug your pen drive until encryption is complete.

lock pen drive using Bitlocker

The entire process might take few minutes and it depends on the pen drive memory size.

lock pen drive using Bitlocker

That’s all! Now whenever you will try to access your pen drive, you will have to enter your password.

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