5 Tips - How to Choose the Best Antivirus Software

Surfing the web can be fun and even profitable, if you run a business on the internet, but what happens when your computer is not protected? Suddenly, your personal and business information is vulnerable to hackers. So how do you protect yourself? You need to know how to choose the right antivirus software. Not any old software will do – you have to know what each one offers and what products you need in order to keep your information safe and your computer free from dangerous viruses.Spend Money or Choose Free?The first step is deciding whether or not you want to pay for your antivirus programs. There is a multitude of free as well as paid for programs available on the market. The free programs are typically enough for moderate users. A few things you should look for if you choose a free antivirus download for your PC is:Whether or not it offers free updates
If it can stand alone
If it is compatible with other programs
If it is community based, protecting your contacts as well as you…


Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.
Information Security The terms information security, computer security and information assurance are frequently used interchangeably. These fields are interrelated often and share the common goals of protecting the confidentiality,integrity and availability of information; however, there are some subtle differences between them.
Information Security These differences lie primarily in the approach to the subject, the methodologies used, and the areas of concentration. Information security is concerned with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of dataregardless of the form the data may take: electronic, print, or other forms. Computer security can focus on ensuring the availability and correct operation of a computer system without concern for the information stored or processed by the com…


Ready to trade in your old iPhone for something bigger, faster, and thinner? Before taking a gander at our tips for reselling, look at this checklist to make sure you've deleted all important data from your iPhone. Don't leave anything behind! 1)Back up your iPhone.
2)Remove photos from Camera Roll. Connect the device to your computer and open Image Capture (our recommendation, it's much faster) or iPhoto. Select all photos and then click Import All. In Image Capture, select "Delete items from camera after downloading." In iPhoto, choose to "delete photos" after importing.
3)Turn iMessage off. Open the Settings app > Messages > iMessage > switch to off.
4)Turn FaceTime off. Open the Settings app > FaceTime > switch to off.
5)Disable your iCloud account. Open the Settings app > iCloud > tap "Delete Account" to delete the account from the device.
6)Log out of Apple ID. Open the Settings app > iTunes & App Stores > …


By Default Windows do not allow users to Copy text and Paste it in Command prompt Or Copy text from Command prompt and paste it elsewhere. But there is an option in CMD itself to enable Copy & Paste Text in Windows Command Prompt.
Today in this tutorial we will learn how to Enable Copying and Pasting Texts in Windows Command prompt. One of the main advantage of this will be that you can copy any command that you find on the internet or from any word/excel file and paste it directly in CMD and execute that command just like that.
*HOW TO ENABLE COPY PASTE IN CMD.... Step 1: Open CMD, Just type CMD in search or Press Win + X key to select Command Prompt.
Step 2: Right Click on the Title of the CMD window and Select Properties just like its shown in the below Picture
Enable Copy paste in CMD: Step 3: You will see a Pop up Window coming up, Now on the Right hand side, Under Edit Options, Just Check Quick Edit Mode and click OK
Step 4: Everything is Done, Now just Copy any Text from Her…


Follow the Below simple steps to Know how you can get back and have access to your deleted messages, photos,Videos and all other data of your facebook profile.
Step 1: First of all,You will have to Click here to open Facebook General account Settings. Step 2: Once you open your general settings, you will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data, So click on it to.
Step 3: On the Next page you will see a Download Archive Button, Click on it and you will be prompt to enter your Password to Continue, This is a Security Step by Facebook.

Step 4: After entering your Facebook Password, Click on Submit, On the next screen you will be shown that the download link for your data will be sent to your email id which you used to create your facebook account.
Step 5: Wait for Few Minutes, check your mail. You will see a mail from facebook in your Inbox with Downloading link ready for you to download all your data.
Retrieve Deleted Messages,photos and videos on facebook: Step 6: Now After downloadi…


How It Works Book of Amazing Technology - Volume 2, 2013

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How to Lock Pen Drive without Any Third Party Software

How to lock pen drive using Bit locker?

This is however very easy and not yet much time consuming to set up everything. Just plug-in your pend drive and right click on that to select Turn on BitLocker.

Within a few couple of seconds, you will get a window that will ask for password. Just enter a password and go forward.

If you have chosen a really long and unmemorable password, you can save one recovery file (.txt file that will contain your password) on your hard disk.

Do remember the following things before encrypting your pen drive; You must have to remember your password to unlock your pen driveDo not unplug your pen drive until encryption is complete.

The entire process might take few minutes and it depends on the pen drive memory size.